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Pet Cemetery

  Rosedale is pleased to introduce the new Joy Celine Pet Gardens!!
Joy Celine

The Joy Celine Pet Gardens offer both quiet      comfort and an easily accessible location for our guests.  It was named after a youthful, fun-loving miniature schnauzer (see top left) that belonged to Lucy and Jerry Hinkle of Rockwall, TX.

Whether your "special one" is canine, feline, small mammal, aquatic, reptile or exotic, we understand the important role they play in your life.  The owners of Rosedale know the deep-set bond between you and your pet, and are striving to create a setting where these animals are considered merely an extension of one’s own family and can be laid to rest as such.  We hope that at your time of need, you feel confident that we will be here to help you in every way. 

After reviewing the information here at our website, please feel free to call a member of our cemetery staff with any questions or concerns you may have at (417) 693-3731.   

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