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Rules and Regulations
The following provisions and the Rules and Regulations of the Seller are specifically incorporated by reference into this agreement, and the Purchaser acknowledges same by signing of the agreement and initialing each provision.

A.)    PERPETUAL CARE – It is agreed that fifteen percent (15%) of the purchase prices of all interment spaces for ground burial shall be placed in the hands of Great Southern Bank as Trustee under the trust agreement for the perpetual upkeep of the cemetery.

B.)    CARE, MAINTENANCE, AND OPERATION OF PROPERTY – The Seller will, at its own expense, provide care and maintenance of said lot and of all lots in the cemetery, including all improvements thereon.  The Seller disclaims all responsibility for loss and damage from causes beyond reasonable control, and especially from damage caused by the elements, acts of God, common enemy, thieves, vandals, strikers, malicious mischief makers, explosions unavoidable accidents, invasions, insurrections, riots, or order of military or civil authority, whether the damage be collect or collateral.

C.)    SELECTION OF PLOT, SPACE, OR NICHE – The Purchaser agrees to select at the time of purchase a section of traditional plots in the cemetery or cremation spaces.

D.)    IMMEDIATE USE – That the Purchaser have the right to use said space for interment at anytime hereafter, provided the purchase has been paid in full.

E.)    TRADITIONAL BURIAL HEADSTONE – All sites must have a headstone with base within 90 days of burial.  All care and maintenance of headstone (cracks in base, cracks in stone, natural decay) are the sole responsibility of the Purchaser.  The Seller will contact the Purchaser with necessary maintenance when and if applicable. 

F.)    CREMATION MONUMENTS – Monuments to be placed on a cremation/urn space cannot exceed 1 foot 10 inches in width.

G.)   ALL MONUMENTS – Flowers and all other decorations may be removed at maintenance manager’s discretion upon becoming unsightly.

H.)  TREES, BUSHES, AND PLANTS – No trees, bushes, or live plants of any kind can be planted by anyone other than the staff of Rosedale Valley Memorial Gardens.

I.)    BURIAL CONTAINERS – All sites must have either a burial vault or a burial liner at the time of interment.

J.)    PAYMENT – The payment shall be made in cash or check.  There is no refund on plots purchased.

K.)   AGREEMENT BINDING – it is intended that upon acceptance by the Seller become the Contract between the parties and shall be binding upon the heirs, executors, administrators, successors, and assigns of the parties hereto.

L.)   CONTAINS ALL COVENANTS – This contract contains all of the covenants between the parties and no agent or representative of either party has the authority to modify, add to or change any of the terms or conditions herein set forth, not the terms or conditions of any receipt issued for payments.  Purchaser certifies that no oral or written statements, promises, presentations, or guarantees other than those contained herein have been made.

M.)  NOTIFICATION OF INTERMENT – Notification to cemetery staff of desire to use purchased plots or spaces must be a minimum of one day prior to interment.

N.)   GRAVE DIGGER – Purchaser will be required to hire gravediggers or make arrangements for interment.  All soil must be returned to normal state after interment.

O.)   RULES AND REGULATIONS COMPLIANCE – The purchaser agrees that he or she has read the Rules and Regulations for the Rosedale Valley Memorial Gardens and agrees to abide by these rules.

In Conclusion:  Common sense, common decency, and respect for our loved ones and our fellow man, lead us to conclude that it is a “sacred duty” to respect and maintain the burial place of those that have gone on before us.  As a priority and mission, Rosedale Valley Memorial Gardens strives to provide a well-kept, reverent resting place for your loved one and for ours.

We invite every family to help with ongoing maintenance and upkeep at Rosedale Valley Memorial Gardens through a gift or donation.  You may even choose to do so on an annual or monthly basis.  Learn more by calling (417) 849-7964 or emailing

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