We are located conveniently, yet are tucked away just off of Hwy 160 on Main Street in Nixa, MO.

For those not familiar with the city of Nixa, it is a proud and thriving community in Christian County.

Endowment Details

Rosedale Valley Memorial Gardens is a privately-owned, perpetual care cemetery. This means that for every space purchased, we allocate 15% to an Endowment Fund. These funds will be there to keep Rosedale at the level of excellence it was built on long into the future. All monies in the Endowment Fund are housed strictly & legally in the event of the privately-held ownership ever transferring to the state of Missouri for future care.

Please know that while Rosedale remains privately owned, its owners welcome contributions to aide with the cemetery’s present beautification project & ongoing maintenance.

You can mail in your most generous contributions to:

P.O. Box 3983, Springfield, MO 65808

Thank you so much for your support!


Why A Final Resting Place?

For many of us, we cannot really let go until and unless we feel that the deceased has been appropriately honored. To do this is also said to be a very healthy part of the grieving process. To memorialize, according to the dictionary definition, means to record lastingly with a monument. And pondering that definition brings up an intriguing question. Why do we memorialize things and people? The answer to that question, undoubtedly, may seem self-evident to many people. Essentially it is just simple common sense that all of humanity has an innate desire, even emotional need; to stay connected with itself through the ages. To want to be remembered and to want to remember is, it seems, as natural a part of being human as are eating, drinking and sleeping.

No one would likely argue that it is every man’s natural right to be memorialized even if the structure is just a simple, but very special, gravestone. With a permanent placement, future generations will have a physical place for visitation, reflection, or a place to research their family history.

We at Rosedale Valley Memorial Gardens believe that establishing an immediate final resting place is important for all loved ones. Many people think of cremation as final disposition, not realizing that cremated remains will be returned to them – and a plan for a final resting place is needed. Scattering a loved one’s cremated remains has become a romanticized idea, but many don’t consider its finality. In our experience, we find that families are often remorseful years later when they realize they don’t have anywhere to visit or commemorate their loved one. Scattering also limits the ability for others to feel connected with their friend or loved one, and there is no record of burial.